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Who would want to be a meteorologist?

After our unit on weather, what do you think about becoming a meteorologist when you grow up? I think it is the only job where you can be wrong a lot of the time and not get fired :)

Those who are interested would need to go to college and take lots of math and physics classes (an area of science). However, if you would want to be a broadcast meteorologist, on TV presenting forecasts, there would probably be less math  involved and more public speaking classes.

So, what do you think? Interesting career opportunity? Did you enjoy what you learned in this unit? What did you think of the two projects we did, the weather instrument and weather forecast? Look forward to reading your thoughts.

Mrs. Thompson

Posted by: pamelathompson | September 28, 2012

Native American Documentaries

Congratulations on producing your first Photostory documentary! The red carpet has been rolled out and movie goers are tuning in to see your work! Now it is time for you to be the movie critic.

What did you think of this project? How does it compare to other class projects you have done and would you recommend it in the future? And most importantly, do you feel you have a better understanding of the standard: Can you describe how early Native American cultures developed in North America?

In your comment, answer these 3 questions. Share something you learned researching your tribe and share something that you learned from watching a classmates documentary. 

Remember to read the posts before yours and don’t repeat ideas! If you haven’t watched the documentaries or you need to view them again, they can be found on our class website at:

Can’t wait to read the reviews!

Mrs. Thompson

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Sixth Grade Nickname Game

nickname-game2As we are reading The 6th Grade Nickname Game by Gordon Korman, I began to think of the nicknames that I have been called throughout my life.  Some are good and some are not so good.  Most nicknames are given because of something you are good at or go along with your personality.  In this post, share with us some of the nicknames you’ve been called by family and friends. Here are some prompts to help you organize your paragraph. Remember only well written comments will stay posted and earn extra credit!

What nicknames you have been given?

  • Why were you given those nicknames and what do they mean? 
  • Did you like them? 
  • If you could give yourself a nickname, what would it be? 
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Welcome New Fourth Graders!

I can’t believe that summer break is over and we are starting a new school year! After meeting you all, I am even more excited about this year. I think we have an awesome group of kids in our class and we are going to have a lot of fun working together.

I want to hear what you think! Are you excited about this year? Why or why not? What are you concerned about?

When writing your comments, be sure to pay attention to your spelling, punctuation, capitalization and wording. Comments that are not well written will be removed from the blog so proof read your work before you post the comment I can’t wait to read all your thoughts!

Mrs. Thompson

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Schools Out For Summer!

School's_outHope everyone will have a great time this summer. I want everyone to find some time each day to read. I’ve already read 3 novels!  The first one I finished was science fiction. It is about a society where the government decides everything for their citizens. They have decided which 100 poems,  100 stories and 100 movies people can read and watch. They’ve destroyed everything else and noone knows how to write anymore because the government feels that  more books and poems would bring too much pressure to the people! They don’t even let people pick their own jobs or boy friends or girl friends! I would hate to live in that society. It is a trilogy so I have to read the other 2 novels to see how it ends. The protagonists doesn’t like it either so she may change things.

Hope to hear from you all. Leave  a comment to share what you are reading and doing this summer!


Mrs. Thompson



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